What we do

The yellow Princess Royal runs regular trips between Cardiff Bay and the Barrage at Penarth. At each stop we only stay long enough to transfer passengers then away we go again.

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There is plenty of time to explore ashore at the Barrage or Pier Head before catching the yellow boat back again.

If you are considering walking the Barrage why not catch the yellow boat one way?

The one way passage takes about 15 minutes during which time you will be able to relax and enjoy the sites of the Bay and be entertained by our skippers various unique takes on the Bay!

We do not sell food or drink. Please feel free to bring your own and we will provide the bin bags.

What to see

On the way watch out for Eric the famous Cardiff Bay monster and the baby dragons in their reserve!!

Costa del Penarth where the palm trees grow!

Costa del Penarth where the palm trees grow!

At Penarth you will find the working part of the Barrage – the sea locks, sluices and fish pass together with some art works and other entertainments such as watching the boats go through the locks.

It is well worth the climb to visit the town centre or follow the new coastal path – ask for a map on the boat or just follow the signs.

At the Pier Head we have all manner of interesting things and places to see.

And not forgetting Bronwen our ship’s dog! She now has her own Facebook page!

Visit Bronwen the Cardiff Waterbus ships dog.

She likes helping!